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The utopian country

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A fundamental book to understand the real nature and function of the money.

Any monetary reform will be uncompleted without the philosophic concept of the value of money and the discovery of the induced value by Giacinto Auriti in the 90's . Monetarism needs a different approach, which cannot be purely economic, but must be holistic, philosophic and juridical one.


The professor of the University of Teramo studied 35 years the monetary problematic to arrive at the induced value of the money and explain why cannot be issue by a private bank. Finally Professor Auriti completed the analysis about money, pointing out the difference between the symbol of the money, which has been privatised by the bank system, and the real value of money, which belong to the citizens.

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The Utopian Country - Updated version from January 21, 2014 -

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ps. Text covered by copyrights, made available by the author only for personal reading.

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